About Us

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Our vision is to become the #1 top travel company for people who have a passion for travel and would like to turn it into a lifestyle


Our mission is to provide an opportunity for families to travel while building generational wealth by doing what they love.


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Our Story

My name is Darrin Beckett and I am the CEO & Founder of The Global Travel Empire. In my travel entrepreneurship career I started as a Travel Agent and now I am the owner of a travel company. As a Travel Entrepreneur I have accomplished some pretty amazing things throughout my world-ventures and would like to extend those same opportunities to the members of our travel empire.

The list includes but are not limited to: visiting over 10 states, 5 continents and 15 countries; skydiving in the beautiful city of sunny San Diego, Ca; hiked the only national tropical rainforest in the United States as well as visited the 3rd most beautiful beach in the world (according to TripAdvisor, 2015) both located on the serene island of Puerto Rico; rode horses on the beach of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; ziplined, 4-wheeled and jumped off 50ft waterfall cliffs into the warm ocean of Hawaii; pet tigers, crocodiles and rode an elephant in Thailand; Parasailed in Montego Bay, Jamaica; ate authentic pizza and pasta in Italy as well as visited the Colosseum; visited the motherland of Africa; learned how to make sushi in Chile which was ironic(figured I would’ve learned this in Asia and not a Spanish speaking country but go figure); visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris; took a trip to an active volcano of Costa Rica; smoked Amsterdam’s finest marijuana; lived in San Diego, Hawaii, Chile, Puerto Rico, Spain and now the Dominican Republic.

Here is a complete list of the countries/places I’ve been and/or lived in:

1.) Mexico
2.) Chile
3.) Puerto Rico (US territory)
4.) Dominican Republic
5.) Colombia
6.) Spain  
7.) France
8.) Italy
9.) Germany
10.) Amsterdam
11.) Ireland
12.) Africa (Morocco)
13.) London
14.) St. Thomas Virgin Island
15.) Hawaii (U.S)
16.) Jamaica

17.) Thailand

We created The Global Travel Empire for individuals  who love to travel and have an entrepreneur mindset. We believe our travel club is the perfect platform for these types of individuals whose ideals align with ours. It makes perfect sense to combine passion with income and Marc Anthony says it best...

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life"